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Welcome to ACE!

Our primary focus is to introduce youth to the field of Aviation.  We teach youngsters from ages 9 to 18 years old how to fly.  Each Saturday we are teaching ground school. 





Founder's Corner

Aviation Career Enrichment (ACE) is a non-profit organization operating under the IRS rules of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. ACE was established November 22, 1980 by Julius Alexander.

The concept of training teenagers to fly and what ACE has evolved into today is the result of a lifetime vision and commitment of Julius Alexander, a former Atlanta Public Schools high school teacher, television newsman and publicist for Lockheed Martin Aerospace.  Mr. Alexander is also an active ground instructor with certifications in single and multi-engine airplanes. He has logged over 11,000 hours teaching primary, advanced and instrument aircraft training to hundreds of pilots.  He is also a published aviation writer.

Career opportunities in aviation exist in many areas. In addition to offering pilot flight training, ACE continues to offer aerospace career exploration programs that provide exposure to other aviation careers through field trips, guest speakers and hands on experiences. 

In addition to aerospace education and pilot training, a key component of the ACE philosophy is character building and leadership development. To better associate the name of ACE to the goals of the organization being a school of higher learning, we recently changed the name of our youth focused program from ACE to The ACE Academy.  

On April 9, 2011, Mr. Alexander was inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame at The Georgia Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.

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We have produced a number of Aviation professionals.  Our students have joined the Military, Cargo Carriers and Commercial Airlines. We will be highlighting our Protégés.  

Please check back!


Giving Back To The Community

First Officer Rayjhan Bethune, Delta Air Lines, a former ACE Student gives back to his community. First Officer Bethune is committed to being a great role model.  We are proud of all of his accomplishments.  

National Aviation Hall of Fame 


Noa's Story

Check out the video of our friend Noa, who captured our heart when she shared her love of NAHF Enshrinee Bessie Coleman.