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1) What are the first steps to start flight training?

  • Take a discovery flight or two. This will help you figure out if flying is something you like -
  • Get your medical completed. See below “How do I get a medical” 
  • Find a school that is right for you and your schedule.
  • Commit and start training. Study study study…

2) How do I get a medical?

    3) How do I pay/How much does flight training cost?

    • ACE uses for scheduling and billing
    • ACE requires $0 balance prior to each flight. You can pay as you go or add a bucket of funds. Normally people add anywhere between $500-$1000 if they bucket funds.
    • Currently at ACE, dual instruction will cost anywhere between $194-$210/hour for enrolled weekend youth academy students; The Adult training program will cost between $221-$237/hour for a flight lesson. *This is always subject to change.
    • ACE does not currently offer a reduced block time rate.

    4) How long will it take to get a license?

    • This is on a case-by-case basis. FAA minimums for ACE which is a part 61 school is 40hrs. The national average is 60-70 hrs. 

    5) How does my child become an airline pilot?

    • This is a very loaded question that has so many different options. Generally speaking, navigating to an ATP license, one would get their private pilot’s license first. Then they would navigate to their instrument, commercial ratings (single and multi-engine). From there, you have a choice of trying to find a job to build time or becoming a CFI to build time and help mold new pilots to hit the current 1500 time minimum.
    • Another option is a restricted ATP license based on military pilot service, graduation from an approved college with a degree.
    • There is no one way. Reach out to ACE and we will connect you with someone that can help you with your journey.

    6) Does ACE provide Drone Part 107 certification?

    • ACE currently does not offer drone training.

    7) What is the difference between ACE Weekend Academy and Flight Training?

    • ACE Weekend Academy is a structured ground school (classroom style) learning for youth ages 9-18.
    • Flight Training is the process of taking flight lessons inside an actual airplane.

    8) Is solo the license?

    • No, solo is the process in which an instructor has felt the student is capable of navigating the plane and making the proper decisions to fly a plane solo without an instructor during their flight training process.

    9) What is the knowledge test?

    • A knowledge test is a computer-based test to perform a basic evaluation on a student’s aeronautical knowledge.
    • To schedule a test and take practice test  -

    10) We are not able to fly as much as ACE would like.

    • With any new skill, repetition is key and flying two to three times a week is optimum. An absolute minimum is once a week. This helps prevent learning loss and reduces financial impact. If you are unable to fly once a week, please talk with your instructor about the best approach. You might want to pause until a commitment of once a week can be achieved.

      11) Why does ACE have multiple flight simulators?

      • Simulators provide a valuable source of additional training to any student at a reduced cost. ACE simulators have different hardware packages for different levels of training from standard gauges to advanced glass panels.

      12) What type of training can ACE provide? 

      • Private Pilot
      • Instrument
      • Commercial Single Engine
      • CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)
      • CFII (Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument)

        13) At what age can I solo?

        • For Private Pilot License the minimum age is 16 years old

        14) At what age can you get a pilot's license? 

        • For Private Pilot License the age is 17 years old

        15) Where can I purchase insurance for my solo student?

        16) What supplies do I need to buy? 

        • This is a basic list of items. Your instructor may recommend additional items on an as needed basis.
        • Gleim Private Pilot Kit (sold at the ACE Swag Shop)
        • Headset (Any basic aviation fixed wing headset)
        • Pilot kneeboard